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Bunker Apartment

In a leftover 360 sf space at the lowest level of Paffard Keatinge-Clay’s iconic 1969 hippie-brutalist addition to the San Francisco Art Institute, the Bunker Apartment is conceived as a residence for artists on long and short-term stays. The minimally-appointed space affords artists the opportunity to use the studio apartment as a hotel room or a live-work residence. Bathroom, kitchenette, bed, storage, and utilities are tucked away as tightly as possible allowing the room to be unobstructed. The room opens to a new deck between the base of the heavy concrete brise-soleil. The steel-faced casework integrates a permanent variation of AVA, a modular shelving system created through MOD, Min Day’s allied practice. As project designer and project manager, I worked on conceptual design, design development, and details for the project.

Project completed while working as a Project
Designer at Min Day Architects