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Post Post & Beam

Cultural production has become fast and easy with the proliferation of digital networks and tiny touch screens. Images are often produced and consumed at 1080 by 1080 pixels, and they have defining characteristics that reveal their origins. Can the ongoing and evolving digitization of our environment inform contemporary building practices without relying on the computational gymnastics of parametricism? Can new media offer strategies for producing new architecture? At first glance, the project resembles a generic post & beam tower, but upon closer inspection massive brush-stroke patterns provide structural stability while bringing visual character to lofty interiors. Given the highly digitized nature of CLT manufacturing, this project hybridizes contemporary image-making techniques, structural performance, and computer controlled-fabrication in the design of a tower that is home to a mix of coworking spaces and a proposed new college for Raleigh, North Carolina. RAD (Raleigh Art & Design) is a school that challenges traditional educational models which are often siloed from professional practice. Instead enabling research and professional development at all levels of instruction.